Copy of FU e=fu8 Pleasure X8 Cut


Copy of FU e=fu8 Pleasure X8 Cut

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"Hi, these feel & look great, I'm going to order a few more pairs for holidays gifts for my friends"--from a recent customer.

The Pleasure X8 Cut is a hybrid cross between low rise briefs and very short boyshorts; my own design that required many hours of work to produce the final result. The beauty is in the details.  As always, they are proudly Made in NYC.

You will be entranced with the quality, comfort and sheer design of them. They are in brief (no pun intended) crème de la crème; & absolute perfection.

A recent underwear connoisseur who has spent upwards of $175 for a pair of Italian made designer briefs; said he found the Pleasure X8 Cut to be the sexiest, most comfortable briefs he has ever worn.

Maximize your pleasure principle... 

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