Our FU e=fu8 Story

I wanted to make/design high quality well made underwear that will give you confidence & that extra bounce in your step. The fabric is ultra soft and has a nice stretch, so you feel supported, yet free.  You wear it; and go out into the world and live your best life.

The finest fabric available, 95% cotton, 5% spandex, it has a firm silky feeling. I went with this premium & more expensive cotton; b/c I found some other brand name briefs on the market use a very thin cheese cloth/rag feeling cotton that loses its shape after a few washings. I refuse to cut corners & sacrifice quality.

I wanted to design & create something that I would want to wear myself & be proud to have my name on.

Your outer wear says how you want the world to perceive & think of you; but your underwear is how you feel and think about yourself.

What you wear underneath is just as important as your outer wear, b/c you never know when you have to undress.  I hope you have as much fun wearing FU e=fu8, as much as I enjoyed designing it for the image & style conscious 21st century men who are always on the go. 

 FU e=fu8 Underwear is designed in Manhattan, NYC.  We are the bold, daring, new men's underwear line that could...

You can contact us at:

2l2 385 2l5l or email indochine88@gmail.com