Two new FU e=fu8 Underwear styles arriving soon

Experience for yourself, a pair of the 1.  FU e=fu8 Pleasure Pouch; and 2. the FU e=fu8 Man Trunk in either black or white; or both. Both of these comfortable and stylish cuts will flatter you; and were inspired by the island of Capri, Italy; and the French Riviera.


Slip on a pair and experience the world.

The black pairs have a sleek silky satiny waistband in black, white and shades of gray; the white pairs have a Violet Magenta-Purple waistband for that nice understated elegance; because historically purple was known as the color of royalty; and was so expensive that it was only worn by the royalty of the world.

Currently available in black and white; because they are the 2 best selling colors for men's underwear; simple, handsomely beautiful; timeless and once you wear a pair, you will become a believer too.